Thursday, April 2, 2015

Found this concert in the CFRC archives...

Back in February, me and the boys ( Kevin Davidson on fiddle, Kevin Bowers on lead guitar, and Bonz Bowering on Drums) helped out the CFRC fundraising drive by performing at the launch party at Musiikki Cafe. I remembered the other day that the concert was broadcast live on the air that night. I searched the archives, and sure enough there it was.

It was a bit rough sounding. I tried to clean up the sound a bit and edited out the calls for cash from the station. It's just the music here.

It was a really cool vibe in the room that night and I'm happy to have found this document of it. Have a listen and share it around. Some songs on here that have never been recorded before.


1. Keep Movin' On
2. Driftin'
3. Train Keeps A Rollin'
4. Sleepy Small Town
5. Amarillo
6. Nothing But A Bad Dream (w/ Megan Hamilton)
7. The Slow Decline (w/ Megan Hamilton)
8. Seventeen Years

Remember to support your local community radio station. They bring you the real goods!

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