Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Back from tour! The CD is Not Dead!

Rolled back into Kingston after a long haul from Wawa, Ontario and slowly getting my bearings, and adjusting to being back home. As usual, the tour  was a hard slog, an enjoyable ride, a test of will and endurance and patience, and a whole lotta fun all rolled into one. Thanks to the venues ( and their staff), presenters, sound techs, fellow musicians, and friends new and old who opened their homes to this weary traveler. I very much appreciate your support.

This new record is a real trip. I've never done anything where art intersected with life so much. Developing the sound and playing style of the solo show and touring it over much of the past decade gives this new album the feel of the culmination of an 8 + year art project. The audience is a large part of the process, and it feels really good to give them (and you!) an album that reflects exactly what I'm doing on stage. 

Sales went really well on tour. The CD is not dead folks! If anything, I've seen an uptick in sales over the past few years. Needless to say, I am very thankful for this! As a full time musician ( performing mostly original music), merchandise sales are a vital ingredient to my survival in this business. I understand the convenience and choice that comes from streaming services ( I've used them myself), but I'm not seeing how to make money from them. And a large portion of the money I make from record sales goes directly back into my art. 

I was listening to some music industry podcasts while on the road, and they were chanting the mantra of "The CD is dead. Streaming is everything." and I couldn't help but ask aloud while driving, "But how do you make money from it!" They never answered me. My own conclusion: You don't!

It is for this reason that my new record, Great Beyond, will not be available on streaming services ( except for a single or two for a sampling). If you want to listen, you'll have to buy it. I make records for three reasons: 1) artistic expression, 2) to share my music with my fans, and 3) to make money to make more records. Spotify is good for the first two reasons, but the third, not so much.

You can help the cause! There are seven days left to preorder Great Beyond ( thanks to everyone who has contributed to the preorder campaign thus far). Check out the indiegogo site for special offers such as: CD + tickets to hometown release concert, The Box Set ( a collection of 4 CDS), and a House Concert ( 1 of these left at the discounted price). For those in the Kingston area who are planning to attend the album release concert ( with The Mill Rights and Dead Root Revival BTW), the preorder site is the best option for purchasing tickets.

A couple of shows to tell you about:

This Friday, Dead Root Revival will be fired up and ready to rock at The Red Lion in Belleville, after a month-long hiatus. 9:30 PM.

Saturday, October 19th, I will be bringing the solo show ( and new album) to the Few Acres Farm concert in Russell, ON ( near Ottawa). Message me for details.

And of course, Friday, October 25th is the Hometown Album Release Concert at The Mansion in Kingston!

See you on the road and thank you for your support.


Friday, September 6, 2019

14 year old Rocks Market Square

This summer my teenage daughter and I spent many hours practicing songs in order to build our repertoire to hit the streets of Kingston busking.
With only a year of bass lessons, she is a quick study. I anticipate we will see her performing with her own band in the years to come. As she recently stated, "it will be nice to play with people who aren't old." Here is a short video of Bella on bass, Bonz Bowering on drums and myself this past Labour Day in market square. 

Pre-order "Great Beyond" Today 

Excited to share with you that my latest album, "Great Beyond", will officially be released on October 15th! This record is a unique representation of my live solo show, recorded with only me and my guitar, live off the floor at North of Princess studio in Kingston, Ontario. 

Sneak Peek: Have a listen to "Slow Learner". A slide guitar number from the album now streaming on Spotify.

For much of the past decade, I've traveled around Canada and the USA performing solo. Me and my guitar (or guitars rather...occasionally mandolin) up on stage, or in someone's living room, without a net. After touring with a band for many years, it was definitely a big change. It took some time to develop my approach to performing solo, and the kind of energy I wanted to bring to the stage. Ironically, in the end, I found approaching a solo show in the same way as a full band concert was the way to go. The thing is, I didn't have the band to help create that energy with me, so it required a commitment from myself to push that force out into the crowd each and every night. It also needed me to approach the playing of my acoustic guitar in a more aggressive, percussive fashion. Playing chunky rhythms and lead licks simultaneously.

This is a gift to those of you who come to my solo shows and want to take a piece of that experience home with you. For those who haven't had an opportunity to take in one of my solo shows, this is what it sounds like. I hope you enjoy it. The pre-order campaign has begun. Sign up for your copy of "Great Beyond" today! Check out the Indiegogo site for special offers such as "The Box Set" and "Concert For Two". I'll even come play a concert in your living room in exchange for your support!

For fans in the Kingston area that plan to attend the hometown release concert at The Mansion on October 25th, be sure to take advantage of the CD + Concert ticket offer on Indiegogo (a 37% savings!). This show includes The Mill Rights and Dead Root Revival on the bill, and will be a truly amazing night. Don't miss it!

Canadian Tour Starts Tuesday!

Hitting the road again. I'll have the new record in tow, and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones along the way on my annual Western Canadian excursion. Spread the word and come say hi if I'm passing through your neighbourhood!

09/10 -  The Townehouse - Sudbury, ON
09/12 -  The Apollo - Thunder Bay, ON
09/13 - Bob's Burger Bar - Kenora, ON
09/14 - Ship and Plough - Gimli, MB ( 9:00 PM)
09/15 - Bruce's Firehouse - Dauphin, MB (3:00 PM)
09/17 - The Capitol - Saskatoon, SK (feature set at open mic)
09/18 - The Slice - Lethbridge, AB
09/19 - The Ironwood - Calgary, AB w/ Johnny Faithful and Carter Felker 
09/20 - Twin Butte General Store - Twin Butte, AB
09/21 -  Whitetooth Brewing Co. - Golden, BC
09/22 - Small Axe Bistro - Enderby, BC
09/24 - The Heatley - Vancouver, BC
09/26 - Legion Branch 31 "The Stand Easy"- Jasper, AB
09/27 - The Auditorium Hotel - Nanton, AB
09/28 - Boho Lounge - Carstairs, AB
09/29 - Last Chance Saloon - Wayne, AB (3:00 PM)
09/30 - House Concert - Humboldt, SK
10/01  - Qu'Appelle Valley Arts Centre - Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
10/03  - Midtown Stage - Dryden, ON
10/04  - The Apollo - Thunder Bay, ON
10/05  - Lakeview Hotel - Wawa, ON
10/19 - Few Acres Farm Concert - Russell, ON
10/25 - Hometown Release Concert at The Mansion w/ The Mill Rights and Dead Root Revival - Kingston,ON

See you down that road!