Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday May 2nd - Songwriter's Circle featuring Tom Savage, Chris Brown, Luther Wright, Seamus Cowan

A couple of cool shows coming up over the next couple of weeks in the Kingston area. Hope you can make it out and spread the word to your Kingston/Westport/Perth/Battersea area friends.

First up, this Saturday at The Cove in Westport :

SONGWRITER'S CIRCLE feat. Chris Brown, Seamus Cowan, Tom Savage & Luther Wright
Should me more than once a year but these nights have really turned into something special. Chris and Luther have worked together for years now and Tom helped inspire Seamus back in the day. It's all coming together now.
CHRIS BROWN has produced a who's who of Canadian talent and started with the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir and has been a part of Chris & Kate Fenner duo for a long time.
SEAMUS COWAN is from Westport and his family run The Cove. His bands Bullmoose and Spoon River experienced considerable CanRock longevity and he has played with Spencer Evans and Jazz Night for close to two decades. Notably, he toured with The High Dials of Montreal for two years.
TOM SAVAGE is a road warrior, songwriter a la Dylan-esque stories. Plays guitar with Hendrix poise and Neil intensity. His band Tom Savage Trio have toured Canada lots and the new Foley Mountain Playboys are his bluegrass gem.
LUTHER WRIGHT is a Canadian folk/bluegrass hero. His band Luther Wright & The Wrongs cross many boundaries, states and provinces. The recreated Floyd's The Wall and have toured for about 2 decades now. The Hootenannys he does with Jenny Whiteley and others are legendary.
Snuggle in for evening of orginal songs and creative renditions of classic beauties. Wha-La! Enjoy!-11pm

Then on Saturday, May 9th, I will be performing at the Pumpkin pie Concert Series in Battersea. Playing in a trio with Bonz Bowering on drums and Alexander Tikhnenko on Bass. Going to be some fun and interesting jams happening.

When: Sat., May 9, 2015 - 7:30 PM

Where: Battersea United Church Hall

Advance tickets are $12 ($15 at the door), available at:

Battersea General Store, Battersea
Ormsbee's Mercantile, Sunbury
Brian's Record Option, Kingston

or call 353-2904 or 353-2889 to reserve tickets

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