Monday, May 6, 2013

Homegrown 2013 - Introducing The Foley Mountain Playboys

Really looking forward to this Saturday night at The Royal Tavern in Kingston, when I'll have the opportunity to debut my new band, The Foley Mountain Playboys, at Homegrown Fest 2013.

The Foley Mountain Playboys (FMP) came about as a result of a few awesome shows we had doing acoustic sets as Tom Savage Trio + 1( Kevin Davidson on fiddle). The first of them being last year for Homegrown 2012 (at The Royal as well), then at the Who The Hell Is Billy Music Fest, and most recently, a great dance floor-filled gig at The Toucan. I really enjoyed what we were doing, and the sound we were getting, so I decided to start a new band, or at least put a name to this group because TST+1 doesn't really cut it. We've also added another player to the mix. Kevin Bowers joins us on electric guitar.

Having grown up in Westport, Foley Mountain has significance for me, and the Playboys part of the name is a nod to Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. There will be plenty of foot stompin' and twangin' to go around with this band, but also the odd Blues vibe dropped in there for good measure.

Come on down and check it out if you are in Kingston on Saturday night. FMP will be hosting a Hootenanny, and the band will be backing up some other great acts, and of course we will be raising money Joe's M.I.L.L.

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