Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Train Keeps A Rollin' voted the Talentcast Song Of The Week

Thanks to everyone who took a moment to vote for me on Talentcast last week. It turns out that "Train Keeps A Rollin" was voted song of the week. Pretty Cool!

Here is what that means :

* Ede FM will play the Song of the Week at least 40 times. 
* All winners will be featured in the SellaBand news
* Winners from SellaBand will be in the Hot Music section on the main page of SellaBand.
* TalentCast plays the Song of the Week again in the next edition.

Not bad. Let's hope it kicks up the fundraising support a notch or two for my new album. By the way, if you buy three parts of the new project on Sellaband, you not only get the new (yet-to-be recorded) CD, but you also get an Exclusive EP (for those who invest only), and a copy of "Overdrive Express", the album that contains " Train Keeps A Rollin". Deals!

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