Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tom Savage Trio Taking A Break From The Road

It's been a good run over these past seven years, but now it's time for TST to take a break from the road. We've been working hard to bring our brand of dirt road rock and roll to music fans all over Canada, and we appreciate everyone who have come out to shows over the years, and bought merchandise, and given us food and drink, and helped us promote the shows, and given us couches and floors to crash on, and written articles about us in their local paper, and have interviewed us, or had us play live on their radio shows, and helped our record chart on Canadian campus radio, and so on, and so on.

Many of you know of our legendary (some have compared us to Spinal Tap) turnover in drummers. I'm happy to say that the frequent change in drummers had nothing to do with personality conflicts, and Geoff and myself remain friends with all who played in the band. Thanks to Sandy, Joe, Chris, Jeff, and Gary for being a part of the band. And thanks to all of the other drummers who auditioned, or almost played in the band(which would be every drummer in Kingston I think).

At this point in my career, I find I need time to step back, reevaluate things, and figure out what my next move is, both creatively and professionally. Got some ideas, but for much of 2013 I'll be ruminating over them.

Don't worry folks in Eastern Ontario, you'll still see both Geoff and I playing around this area. We are both rocking out with the Tony Silvestri Band these days, and Geoff is also playing around Kingston with Bent On Soul.

I'll be doing a number of shows with Kevin Davidson on fiddle, playing my own original music, and staying busy on the scene. Who knows? We may play the odd TST show in Kingston. Stay tuned for updates about new projects coming down the line.

And even though we aren't touring Canada for awhile, you can still buy/download our records.

Keep on Rockin'

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