Monday, April 2, 2012

Song #13 Week #13 2012 Song A Week Challenge

I'm lovin' this week's song. Some straight-up traditional Country music for you this time with a song called "April Fool". Not one, but two, musical guests this week! Rene Vermette on the harmonica, and Kevin Bowers on the drums ( No, that's not Neil Peart). Oh yeah, Kevin plays lead guitar as well.

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I'm your April fool baby
but you ain't foolin' me no more
You're the one who's been foolin' round
I'm the one walking out the door

Spring's around the corner
But our love will be no more
I'm your April fool baby
but you ain't foolin' me no more

you may have thought
you could pull the wool over my eyes
But I wasn't born yesterday
I can see through your disguise

maybe someday you'll find
someone you can push around
but until that day comes
you'll be living in lonesometown



10 years have past
i got a wife I got a kid
but it still hurts me deep inside
that you treated me the way you did

I hope you are off somewhere
feelin' lowdown feelin bad
cause this april fool
was the best thing you ever had



  1. Totally relate-able, and the band sounds terrific! Love it, Tom!!!

  2. Excellent & very Unique. "A." fm MySpace.