Monday, March 26, 2012

Song #12 Week #12 - 2012 Song A Week Challenge

This week, I've got a smooth seventies vibe for you. Or at least that is how it sounds to me. The lyrics are a bit cliche, but like I've said before, sometimes that is what the song needs. If any song needs it, it is this one. All you young writers out there: Serve the song. It'll never steer you wrong. (See what I did there. I made a rhyme!)

Did a few overdubs on this one. Got some lead guitar and bass going. Fun stuff. On to month # 4!!!

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i got a feeling that there's never really ever a good time
never really a good time for good bye
see no reason for letting myself stick around here
stickin' around here to give it a try

you and I are the only ones who know what we've been through
And the situation's never ever been more clear
wish there was a way that we could let ourselves find our own way
back to what it is that we held so dear

you're the only woman I want
you're the only woman I want

never thought I'd be standing here girl
never ever thought we'd make it this far
when you look and the walls are all crumbling around you
can't imagine that you'll make it out without a scar

road is never easier,we may never find an answer
at least not the answer that we have been looking for
we've got the time and that's more than some people can say girl
don't tell me your gonna turn around and walk out that door

you're the only woman I want
you're the only woman I want

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