Monday, March 19, 2012

Song #11 Week #11 2012 Song A Week Challenge

This whole crazy thing started when Ross Neilsen and I were joking around on Facebook, and here we are 11 weeks later, still truckin' along. This week, a special surprise guest joins me for my song of the week. The man himself, Ross Neilsen!

Those of you who have been following the challenge, know that Ross has been writing a song a week as well. He played a show in Kingston on Friday and crashed over in the jam shack, so Saturday morning we shot this video. I had just woke up, hence the bedhead I'm sportin'. You can't fake that stuff man.

Ross & I hadn't actually met in person before Friday. We've helped each other out the past couple of years (via the internet) with finding gigs and stuff, and have seen each other's posters at various venues across the country, but never actually met. The internet is cool that way.

Enjoy the video. It's not framed very well, you can't see Ross' fingers flyin', but I think you can pick up what we're puttin' down.

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  1. the well is so deep with them cool songs tom...keep it up!