Monday, March 12, 2012

Song #10 Week #10 2012 Song A Week Challenge

We're into double digits now. This is getting serious!

This week I've shifted genres again, to a sort of Folk/Soul style, and there's a good chance I've ripped off Hall & Oates in the process. This is one of the dangers of songwriting. I could see this tune being built up with horns, background singers, etc. This tune is in open G tuning, same as last week.

It's called One Day At A Time, but is in no way a tribute to Ted Knight or Valerie Bertinelli.

Enjoy, and as always, I'd love to hear what you think through Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the blog.

gonna take it one day at a time
don't know where i'll end up no no
no no no x 2

this world can bring you down
don't worry baby
it won't be long
you'll be coming up for air
you can't make it right
if you've never been wrong

i'll be standing right beside you
your hand in mine, we'll find a way
we may never have forever
but we'll do what we can with today

and in my heart you know you'll always stay


we're all searching for the answer
sometimes all we need to do is open our eyes
take in everything around us
give our dreams a chance to actualize

you never know what is meant to be
what'll be outside your front door
when everything is said and done
don't be asking yourself if you could've done more

you know that we won't be getting an encore


from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (March), track released 12 March 2012
music & lyrics by Tom Savage

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