Monday, March 5, 2012

Song #9 Week #9 2012 Song A Week Challenge

We are into the third month of 2012, and while I still don't know if I'll make it to the end of the year, my confidence grows with each passing week. The schedule of posting a song every Monday has helped give structure to the challenge, and the creativity continues to flow. Whether I make it to the end of the year or not, this exercise has definitely changed my approach to songwriting.

For the month of March, I think I'm going to throw a little extra spin on things. I am going to write all of my songs in open G tuning, and focus on a Blues style of writing. I think I may try to devote a couple of months of songs to different music genres. You know, just to make this challenge a little more difficult...or easier. I'm not sure which.

Anyway, here's this week's song. A barn burning blues jam. Enjoy!

i've got a woman who knows
a woman who knows
just what i need now

i've got a woman
no she won't take no
she knows just what I need now x2

some days are long and hard
i'm worn down and battle scarred
can't wait til I get back home
and in my own backyard

get home late at night
she knows that i ain't feelin right
she puts her arms around me
and squeezes me real tight

she loves me up and down
she's got my head spinnin' round
she makes me feel like I could go
take over this damn town

when i'm feelin' low
and fell like i've got to go
she won't hold me back
No No no no no no no

from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (March), track released 05 March 2012
music & lyrics by Tom Savage

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