Friday, January 5, 2024

BIG NEWS: Double Vinyl Album From DRR Coming March 1st!

 The long-awaited Dead Root Revival studio album is coming your way, with an official release date of March 1st, and an album release celebration on Saturday, March 9th at The Broom Factory in Kingston.

Take a look at this mesmerizing album cover art, painted by London, Ontario artist Jeremy Bruneel!

We'll be releasing the first single from the record next Thursday, and kicking off our pre-order campaign on Friday, January 12th. You'll be able to pre-order the record in double vinyl, cd, or digital formats, and there will be deals on other merchandise, plus some one-of-a-kind opportunities to support the band.

DRR fans are going to be so pleased with this record. It was our goal to create an album that delivered our live concert energy and I believe we have achieved that in "The Controller's Exam".

Our trip down to Athens, Georgia to record at Chase Park Transduction not only provided us with the amazing experience of collaborating with renowned producer David Barbe(known for his work with Drive-By Truckers, R.E.M. and many others), and recording completely analogue (16-track to 2-inch tape); it also gave us the laser focus needed to create this album effectively, and brought the band closer together, allowing our music and performances to soar to new heights.

The journey continues. We're thankful to have you on board!


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