Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What's This? A Surprise Album?!!

 Two more shows for Dead Root Revival this year! Friday, December 1st we will be at The Atria in Oshawa, warming the stage for Doghouse Rose and Trash Puppets, then on Saturday, December 16th, we will be at the RCHA club in Kingston, for our final show of 2023(Get your tickets at the bar or on Eventbrite).

I know there's a lot of anticipation for the release of our album that we recorded in Athens, Georgia this year. We are putting the finishing touches on the record, with the album cover being painted by London artist Jeremy Bruneel, and I can tell you that the release date of the album will be March 1st, 2024, with a Kingston release celebration to take place at The Broom Factory on March 9th. 

It has been a long wait and we appreciate your patience. With that in mind, I've decided to release a surprise album to tide you over until then! 

As recording sessions for my 2017 release Everything Intertwined came to a close, we decided to add another day in the studio, switching out bass players(Seamus Cowan played on EI), and bringing in Geoff Chown to record some Blues tracks. It was a really fun day of letting it all hang out musically and getting gritty, live off the floor at North of Princess studio. The recording turned out great, but was promptly put away in the archives for future considerations. In the ensuing years many crazy events occurred in this world of ours, so in the archives the Blues record stayed.

Until now!!!

Looking back at Everything Intertwined and now listening to Sure Can Play That Guitar!!, I can really see how my music and songwriting were turning a corner in 2017, and the seeds were being planted that would grow into what we now know as the band, Dead Root Revival.

Many songs have found their way into the DRR setlist. From EI, there's Kid, Burnt By The Sun, Come Home, and 17 Years, and on Sure Can Play That Guitar!!  you will hear the familiar jams An Angel Rose, Train Blues, Moonshine Baby, as well as the title track.

I hope you enjoy this collection of previously unreleased music.
Pick it up Friday, December 1st on Bandcamp as part of #BandcampFriday. Available only in digital or CD format. No Apple Tidal... you get the idea. 😄😉

Rock and Roll,

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