Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Live from the Jam Zone Session #3/ Living Room Session Re-issue/ Bandcamp Friday

 Hello Friends, 

Hope everyone is doing okay out there. Winter is chugging along for me (considering lockdown in Ontario and heading into the one year anniversary of COVID). It has been a long haul, not being able to work other than sporadic gigs here and there in the summer, and my patience has had its ebbs and flows for sure. But it has been far worse for so many others around the globe, and I hope as the months go by in 2021 we will see an end to the suffering that this disease continues to leave in its wake.

For those of us in the performing arts community, we are most likely looking at a longer recovery than most sectors of the economy, considering we depend on crowds gathering in order to do our jobs. Who would willingly file into a packed 1000-seat auditorium, or stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a 120 capacity pub right now? Not it!

Getting back to some sense of normalcy will take time. If I had to guess, I would say summer 2022...but I'd be foolish to guess where COVID is concerned.

Whenever normal gets here, I will welcome the opportunity to hit the road and hop on the stage to perform for all of you!

Until then, I'll continue to do my very best to bring you great music, and to entertain! This Friday, tune into the Facebook page for Live From The Jam Zone : Session #3 with guest Mike Corrigan joining me to provide percussion to the proceedings. We go live at 7 PM.


I have been recording these sessions and posting them on my bandcamp page for Song Supporters to download/stream at their leisure (Technology willing, this session will be posted as well). Become a Savage Song Supporter for $5/month (or more) and receive a whole bunch of music instantly, plus everything I release in the future. Since COVID, I've been using this subscription service as a way of offsetting my income losses due to lack of merchandise sales...rather, almost complete disappearance of merch sales! It's a significant amount of money for me ($15000 in 2019). 

I'm working hard to give subscribers top value, and the music is coming fast and furious. Thursday, I will be releasing a reissue of my 2011 EP, Living Room Session.

As the title suggests, this EP was recorded in my living room. A lo-fi, bare bones collection of folk songs. I've taken the opportunity to remix and remaster the songs, opting to give them an even more lo-fi sound than I had ten years ago, purposely using modern technology to mimic a cassette 4-track recorder as best as I can. Fans of Springsteen's "Nebraska" record should enjoy this collection of songs. You can pick up for $6 ( or become a song supporter for $5, and get EVERYTHING). 

Bandcamp Friday

Speaking of Bandcamp, this Friday is what's known as #bandcampfriday. Bandcamp sets aside one Friday a month in which they waive all of their fees, and give 100% of purchase money directly to the artists. It's the best day to discover the site and all they have to offer. I'll be laying down a few bucks to support my fellow artists. I'm looking to support local, so if you have links of Kingston-area artists on Bandcamp, send me a tweet or comment on my Facebook page @tomsavagemusic and I'll help get the word out.

Also, I want to give a shoutout to my friend Sean Burns, who released a great country album, We Gotta Lotta Truckin' To Do, in support of legendary Winnipeg venue, the Times Changed High and Lonesome Club.


Touring musicians who are currently not touring: Don't forget about the venues that have helped you out along the way over the years. Throw some $$ their way!

Clem Chesterfield Kickstarter

Kingston country music crooner, Clem Chesterfield is getting his new record bullwhipped into shape, and you can help him out by funding his Kick starter campaign - 


Another way you can #supportlocal !



Thursday, December 17, 2020

Music City Monday Concert Stream / Live from the Jam Zone - Session #1

 Music City Monday Series

Dead Root Revival had the incredible opportunity to take part in the Music City Monday Series at the Empire Theatre, in Belleville recently. Mark Rashotte and the crew started this series of live stream concerts as a way to support local musicians and venue staff during the pandemic.
The production quality of these live stream shows is stellar. I highly recommend you check them out. Shows air live at 7:30 PM every Monday evening.
Our recent concert, which aired Monday will be showing until December 20th. You can view it here: https://vimeo.com/489129839?ref=tw-share...

Become a Savage Song Supporter!
As many of you know, COVID has decimated the live music industry, and has forced musicians to think outside the box to come up with new ways of generating income, engaging and entertaining fans.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I started a subscription service on Bandcamp to help offset my lost touring income.
Become a Savage Song Supporter for as little as $5/ month, and you will receive EVERY new piece of music I release. So far in 2020, I've released three singles and one full-length album:

Beyond the Great Beyond * Song Supporter Exclusive * (full-length album of bonus tracks from 2019's "Great Beyond" recording sessions)

Beach Blanket Bingo Bottle Toke * Song Supporter Exclusive * ( This single is from the "History of a Common Man" recording sessions, reinvented with new instrumentation and a space folk vibe.)

Something Real -https://tomsavage.bandcamp.com/track/something-real ( This is truly my pandemic song, with the lyrics focusing on the inequalities in society that have been laid bare by COVID-19, and my personal belief that a universal basic income is needed to stem the tide of economic disparity, to address poverty, and mental health issues of all citizens. Musically, it's a bit of a departure for me. A slow groove vibe with important synth flourishes and bass guitar contributions from musician, Jason Mercer.)

In the Evening Glow
- https://tomsavage.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-evening-glow ( this is a moody, melancholic piece that will hit you in the feels. Solo and acoustic, with an overdubbed spicy guitar solo ).

PLUS you will receive these back-catalog releases:

Early next year, I will be adding re-mastered versions of Tom Savage Trio releases, The County Line (2008) and Overdrive Express(2012) to the list! Along with previously unreleased bonus tracks!!! Engineer Geoff Chown is in the lab working on it at this very moment. : )
What was that? That's not enough, you say? Well, there's more!

Live Streaming + Multitrack Recording = The "Live from the Jam Zone" Series
My initial plan to put on live streaming events exclusively to subscribers hit a bit of a road block recently when it became apparent that Facebook would have to handle the money...I wasn't down with that plan...not that there is anything wrong with giant evil corporations. Hahaha.
But when I stared at this brick wall, I realized another opportunity to give subscribers more value, and more music. I'll be multitrack recording my live stream shows and releasing them exclusively to Savage Song Supporter Subscribers (say that 5 times fast) in a series of "Live from the Jam Zone" sessions. Actually, this process has already begun. Song Supporters can stream/download Live from the Jam Zone: Session # 1 starting today! - https://tomsavage.bandcamp.com/song-supporter

It's a live stream. It's a podcast of sorts. It's a series of albums. I'm excited to see where we can take this. Possibly special guest collaborations. Definitely a Savage Family Band concert coming soon.
Lots to look forward to. Join me on the ride!

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Let's hunker down for the winter and with the vaccine being distributed, Spring will hopefully offer up opportunities for us to gather for live in-person concerts again.