Friday, January 12, 2024

Double Album Pre-order Plus New Single "Trillions of Stars"

It's happening! The long-awaited studio album from Dead Root Revival, "The Controller's Exam", is on its way! The official release date is March 1st, but you can preorder today on indiegogo:

We've also released the first single from the album,"Trillions of Stars". It is available on all streaming services and on Bandcamp.  

Check out the video on YouTube :

A Double Vinyl Album Recorded Completely Analogue

In 2023, we had the incredible opportunity to travel to Athens, Georgia to record our debut studio album at Chase Park Transduction, under the guidance and tutelage of renowned engineer and producer David Barbe, who is known for his work with Drive-By Truckers, among many others. The result is "The Controller's Exam", over an hour of music recorded completely analogue(16-track to 2-inch tape) that exemplifies the raw energy, tightness, and astounding musicianship of Dead Root Revival.

We are releasing this record to the world on March 1st on double vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

What we need from you and what you get

Pressing a double album is very expensive, and we are completing this project without any government grants, or record label assistance. The band has laid it all on the line to bring you our best, and we sincerely encourage you to support this momentous rock and roll achievement by preordering the double vinyl album, or one of the other perks we've made available exclusively during this pre-order campaign.

Here are the different perks:
  • The Controller's Exam on digital, CD, or double vinyl album
  • Vinyl Bundle including "The Controller's Exam" plus my 2022 release, "21st Century Lo-Fi"
  • Tom Savage CD Bundle - 5 CDs for $60(a 40% discount)
  • DRR Merch Bundle - includes Double Vinyl Album,CD, DRR LIVE - VOLUME I - CD,DRR T-SHIRT
  • a rare opportunity to have a drum Lesson with Bonz Bowering!
  • sign up for an exclusive Tom Savage comprehensive 3-hour guitar workshop( limited to 10 people).
  • Tom Savage will write a song exclusively for you and record it with members of Dead Root Revival!
  • Your very own private rock concert with Dead Root Revival
  • The original 32 x 32-inch painting of "The Controller's Exam" album cover by artist Jeremy Bruneel
  • Plus, when you pre-order the new album, you can add-on discounted tickets to the album release celebration on March 9th at The Broom Factory in Kingston.

Your support is invaluable to us! Our fans were there for us in the first phase of this project, helping us with travel costs to Athens, Georgia, and our recording expenses. Now that the project is complete, we are calling on you once again for your support, by simply purchasing a copy of the album we've created.

Other ways you can help the cause

If you are not in a financial position to contribute at this time, we encourage you to show your support for Dead Root Revival by spreading the word by sharing links on social media, and talking up the album in your in-person conversations. Word-of-mouth is an essential tool towards this campaign's success.

Thanks for helping the DRR train roll on!


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