Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunday Song Summit

Let's hear it for live music on a Sunday afternoon! Great idea! And The Living Room (upstairs at The Mansion) is a great venue for it. The Sunday Song Summit has been going on for a few weeks and, by all accounts, has had some great performances and has been well-attended (which is of great importance to keep these kind of events going). Each week there is a featured songwriter performing and guest musicians are encouraged to come sit in. Last week I was one of the guest musicians ( had a great time). This week I am the feature performer.

I'm calling on all my Kingston musician friends to come out and make it an afternoon to remember. And for all of those who tell me that they would love to come to a show but it always starts too late, here is your chance! This thing goes from 4-7. Bring the kids( I brought mine last week)! Bring Grandma ( I'd bring Grandma, but sadly she is no longer with us. But if she were still alive, she'd be there)!

Thanks to Derrick Claridge for coming up with this idea. Looking forward to sharing my songs on Sunday. Also looking forward to some epic jams!

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