Monday, January 6, 2014

Foley Mountain Playboys - Seeking Postcards For Album Artwork

We're working on the album artwork for the upcoming FMP record, and are on the lookout for old postcards of Foley Mountain, preferably with a retro vibe to them. 60's or 70's.

Keep an eye open and let us know if you have any kicking around. Images of Westport are good as well, or photos taken from Spy Rock.

Post photos of the postcards on the Tom Savage Music Facebook Page and we'll have a look, and may end up using them.

Oh, and Happy New Year! 2014 is gonna be a footstompin' good time for the Foley Mountain Playboys! Keep Movin' On!

Foley Mountain Playboys ( Bonz is missing from photo)

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