Monday, August 20, 2012

Song #32 - Casual Conversation

A little bit late getting this song posted. Lots of music happenings this past week messed with my schedule. I'm thinking a month-long tour is going to mess with my writing schedule even more.

Anyway, here it is, #32. Only 20 more to go!

a casual conversation turns on its head in a crowded room
don't know how you could sit there and look into my soul
there are some mysteries that we may never solve
but there are some lessons that we can learn
if i were a rich man, babe, you know I'd give you it all

One moment we were friends, the next we were swept away
Setting sail for destinations unknown
we drifted out of our bodies and floated through the roof
Lovers in an embrace underneath the stars

she smiled as she shook my hand
said it was lovely to speak with me
she turned and walked towards the door
It saddens me to think that she will never know
how close she came to stealing my heart away

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