Saturday, August 25, 2012

Song of the week #33 - Shit Goin' On

In the music business, you run into some fellow musicians who love to talk about themselves, and all the great stuff they're doing. It's part of the job really( for an artist to promote themselves), but sometimes it can get out of hand, and I get fed up. That's what inspired the first verse of this song(The rest of it is just fun little ramblings).

A good amount of the time I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I think that is probably the true reality for most artists.

all these people with their shit going on
I wish that I had shit going on too

All these folks with their grandiose plans
All I can think about it is this day I'm getting through

All the turmoil in this god forsaken world
I find it has me begging for an ounce of truth

My landlord is telling me to pay the rent
He looks like a donkey and he smells like vermouth

You ever notice that high school never ends
Always someone in my business trying to figure out my deal

We'll be texting each other in the nursing home
Bitching bout the weather and the crappy oatmeal

Sometime's I wanna take a bus to Sante Fe
Work as a tender in a wore-out bar

Meet a senorita with some money to burn
Spend our nights drinking tequila and gazing at the stars

We'd find ourselves a way over to gay Paris
Me , My senorita, and her three-legged dog

Manger le croissants dans le boulangerie
Moi, ma senorita, et son chien à trois pattes

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