Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Song #31 - Don't Go Away

Song #31. Not much to say about this one, so I'm just gonna lay it out here for you to take a listen. Hope you like it.

don't go away, don't go away
i'm not ready to say goodbye
don't go away don't go away
this world's gonna eat you alive

I feel like we were promised forever
but were only given one night

don't go away

ooo ooo ooo

don't go away

i see you there, i see you hurtin
i see the mystery in your eyes
the quiver in your voice it's alertin
me to something that i didn't do right

I'm a man and I have to admit
I'm pretty good at getting it wrong
but girl i ain't gonna lose your love without a fight

don't go away

Been on the wrong side of winning
been knocked out more than i've knocked em down
babe, I think it's time for a new beginning
I want to see you walk down that aisle in a wedding gown

i'm a man and i have to admit
i've made my share of mistakes
but i'm turning over a new leaf starting today

don't go away