Monday, May 14, 2012

Song #19 Week #19 2012 Song A Week Challenge

Last week I got a bit political. Okay, I got a lot political...

This week we are back to our regularly scheduled programming of the wrong side of the tracks, drug use, despair, and death.

This song is about two friends who grow up together. One becomes a drug addict. The other a drug dealer. One of them ultimately pays the price for the path they've chosen. Or perhaps they both do.

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he's got a 10 dollar suit
and a pistol he can shoot
and a ride to somewhere else
where he ain't feeling sorry for himself

he's got a one track mind
and his mind is keeping track
of everyone who let him down
everyone who paid him back

you've got a 100 dollar pair of shoes
and a feeling like you can't lose
cause if you lost everything
you end up back at the beginning

Again. with your old friends
Standing on the corner and shooting the breeze
you're the shepherd watching over his flock
the bishop of the arch diocese

your the master of your domain
this corner is your kingdom and that's gonna remain
nobody can ever take that away
now is forever and that 's how it's gonna stay

you were friends growing up
he got the hard times , you got the luck
most folks can't choose their path
they take a look at their surroundings they can do the math

He was sinking low, you were rising high
you drifted apart as the years went by
back then you would never say
he'd be back again to take everything away


he fell deep down in that hole
meanwhile you seemed to be on a roll
methamphetamine fuelled his need
you controlled the supply and fed your greed

one day the sickness got him
his heart was weak, his eyes sunken in
he put on his $10 suit
and no one could shake from his pursuit

he shot you dead were you stood
toppled the king of the neighbourhood
nobody can ever take that away
now is forever and how it's gonna stay


from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (May), track released 14 May 2012
words & music by Tom Savage

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