Monday, February 27, 2012

Song #8 Week #8 2012 Song A Week Challenge

I'm getting in touch with my inner lounge lizard on this week's tune. This one is written in an interesting lyric style.Basically using only two words for most lines. There is a story in there. See if you can pick out what it is about.

This week we have a special musical guest. My lovely partner-in-crime, booking agent, publicist, and Mother of my children, Vanessa Longul. Stick around until the end of the tune to check out her smooth jazz flute solo. I've mentioned that Vanessa was playing on this week's track to some other musicians around town, and they've expressed interest in making their own guest appearance on a song of the week, so watch for more special guest musicians in the week's to come.

Also, be sure to swing by my buddy Ross Neilsen's site to see what he's got cooking for week #8.


slow walker
fast talker
big dreamer
quiet screamer


whatever that meant
knows where you live

headline grabber
endless jabber
early riser

high beams
ghetto scenes
flat tire
gun fire

hospital bed
hole in his head

life support
order in the court
judge & jury
there's no hurry

He's passed on
Yes he's gone
Hearse is rolling
There'll be life without paroling

slow walker
fast talker x2

from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (February), track released 27 February 2012
music & lyrics by Tom Savage

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