Monday, February 20, 2012

Song #7 Week #7 - 2012 Song A Week Challenge

Last week's song had a bit of an anti-Valentine's Day theme to it. This week's song could be seen as a bit of an anti-Family Day song(or a song about a family self-destructing).It depends on who's perspective you think it is written from. Could be a brother/sister, or they could be a childhood friend.

The song speaks to the fact that, when we are young, we never really know where we are going to end up, nor do we know what will happen to the people we care about. In this case, things didn't turn out well for our subject. A descent into a life of drugs,prostitution, life on the streets, and basically being abandoned by her family and friends. Abandoned because the family have no other choice and have run out of options.

The chorus flashes back to a childhood memory, from the perspective of a brother/sister/friend (?). Thinking about when things were simpler, and wondering how/why their lives ended up the way they did.

So, yeah, it's a bit dark.

I promise to write at least 2 happy songs before the end of the year!


this storm is gonna rip you in half
the gods will make you feel their wrath
this pimp is gonna shake you down
and then give you the run around

this corner's gonna tell the truth
even if you think you're bulletproof
this night is gonna eat you alive
buzzin like a bee that's protecting the hive

you introduce your arm to the syringe
down in the alley for your late night binge
no one can see you here anymore
nobody left around to mind the store

your parents mourned your loss long ago
or maybe their expectations hit a plateau
hope springs eternal when gardens are in bloom
then the weather changes, it's all gloom and doom


remember when you was 4 years old
running through the garden hose
everyone laughing and smiling
the sun it shone so bright then

remember when we were just kids
doing what young kids did
it's so hard to believe that we were those people
how did we get so far away

the cop flashes a light in your eyes
you wonder if he can empathize
with you laying here covered in the mud
mixed in with the piss and the blood

the night is your only shade
protects you from the life you betrayed
you used to be the belle of the ball
don't know how you ended up so small


from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (February), track released 20 February 2012
music and lyrics by Tom Savage


  1. Enjoyed that. Thank you! Glad I wandered over here from Ross Neilsen's site.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It will be interesting to see how long Ross & I can keep this up.