Monday, January 16, 2012

Song #2 Week # 2 - 2012 Song A Week Challenge

For week #2, I've written a song that would do well in an episode of the TV show "Sons Of Anarchy". Perhaps in a scene when Clay finds out that one of the club members is an informant, and takes them for one last ride in the desert.

My computer was giving me fits, and recording kept stopping at the 3:40 mark for some reason, so after about the fifth time trying, I decided to just fade it out. Hopefully, I can figure out what is going on for next week's song.

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This ain't no mercy killing
you oughta know by now
there'll be no more forgiving
we already tried that out

We aren't gonna make it easy
we're gonna take it nice and slow
gonna go down deeper
then you ever thought you could go

You've done your share of damage
Up and down the west coast
But you were too damn stupid
to know you should never boast

Word gets around
In the circles we keep
One day the shit won't stick
Next thing you know you're in waist deep

this ain't no mercy killing
but you oughta be thanking me
Cause I ain't by far
your worst enemy

this ain't no mercy killing
from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (January), track released 16 January 2012
Music and Lyrics by Tom Savage

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  1. Giver, Great stuff. This shit might just stick!