Monday, January 9, 2012

Song #1 - 2012 Song-A-Week Challenge

Okay. Here goes nothin'! So far,in the first week, this exercise has accomplished what I thought it might. It's forced me to be thinking a lot more about songwriting ideas, and has made me more diligent about jotting those ideas down, or recording snippets of audio to remind me of melodies.

I welcome suggestions for song ideas. I've got 51 more to go, so I'll need a lot of them. Post your ideas to the Facebook Page or send me a tweet @TomSavageTrio with the hashtag #songaweekchallenge . Thanks to those who have already offered suggestions.

I actually got a chance to test-drive this first song at a gig on Friday night, and it seemed to go over pretty well. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Song #1, Week #1

2012 Song-A-Week Challenge

No Darkness No More


There are scars on the road
where we skidded and we swerved
We never made it far
but we got what we deserved

I don't need to be remembered
but don't want to be forgotten
Next time you see me I’ll still be
try na move this mountain

There are places you can hide
You can't hide from your own mind
Thoughts interspersed
Memories intertwined

A year feels like a week
A week feels like a year
Some days I drive the transport
Other days I am the deer

Sometimes I don't know
which one I'd rather be
the freedom of
not knowing whats in front of me

Instinct and survival
Crisp and cool mountain air
No logging miles and making plans
for which I do not care

No darkness no more x 3

oh,oh,wooooh oh etc.

don't hurry to your judgement
i won't hurry to my pain
save me the awkward smile
as you pretend to know my name
there was a time when i meant something
to someone in this town

but one day she stole my pickup
and she never turned around
won't bore you with my stories
we've covered all that ground
somewhere there is a place
for a begger just like me
no more beggin for a dollar
no more beggin to be seen

no darkness no more X 3

oh wowoh

released 09 January 2012
Music & Lyrics By Tom Savage

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