Thursday, June 5, 2008

Soundtrack For Love

It's been a busy few days on tour. We've made stops in Golden and Lethbridge, and are currently finishing off a two night in Banff at the Rose and Crown. It's funny we're playing the Rose and Crown on a Wednesday ( i host an open mic at the Rose and Crown in Kingston on Wednesdays).

When we were playing our first set in Golden, I looked out in the audience and noticed a girl singing along with all the songs. (Naturally, being the household name I am I should be used to this ...) It turns out that her boyfriend had bought the demo version of the album when we were last out. Our show coincided with the beginning of their relationship, and the album had become "their" album. Pretty neat.

So, I gave them a copy of the newly packaged disc.

Lethbridge was cool. I was really impressed with the stage setup they had at the slice. Small but appreciative crowds in both cases. New fans and friends made.



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  2. Wrong Tom Savage I think. Never been to Greece...