Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tragedy averted!

There are better places than Canmore AB to find yourself with a blown wheel bearing in your trailer on a Saturday, but fortunately, it's good enough. The local Napa had the right part at a decent price, and some swearing and tool-smashing aside, the repair was relatively painless, especially compared to a shop, which probably would have meant replacing the axle and hub, killing the rest of the tour.

Having had a less-than-stellar-sounding show at the Canmore Hotel last tour, we're glad Grant the sound guy here at the Drake has a better handle on things and appreciation for our plight. His band played at the Rose & Crown in Banff the night after we did, in fact we were offered that night. The crowd was rather hooligan-ish, but having confidence about the sound takes a big load off.

Perhaps it's karma that I was given wrong directions to the Napa store and ended up at a thrift shop where I stumbled across a nice Swiss-made elliptical sharpening steel and a pair of classic Rega speakers for a grand total of $16! Just what I need... more speakers... but certain deals you don't pass up ;)

Lots of new pics on the Tom Savage Trio Facebook page, look'em up!

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  1. Just for the record, I have no problem with the Canmore Hotel, and would love to play there again sometime.