Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Shackage

Just adding to what Tom posted, the cover shack is on Alberta route 533, which runs between Vulcan and Nanton. What's really weird is that it is ruined beyond repair, the roof trusses literally fallen to the ground, but someone put wires between the walls to keep it from collapsing entirely, which it probably would have by now. I guess performance enhancements aren't unique to professional sports!

It's the Bionic Shack. "We have the technology, we can make it more useless, more wretched, for generations to come"

I guess that Vulcan Alberta is from the "alternate universe" endorsing the doctrine: Die long and suffer

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  1. Great to follow your journey across Canada. The shack is a great cover for your album - so reflective of the prairies! Keep away from the moose's. Babs and Dingus