Monday, May 26, 2008

The Bear, The Moose, and the open road

Friday night in Terrace Bay went well. It was quite a long drive but we made the gig on time. The folks at the legion were talking about a bear that had been roaming around the parking lot a few hours before. Fortunately (or unfortunately ?) we didn't see it. That news coupled with the paper mill stenchiness in the air let us know we were well into Northern Ontario.

Show went well. Tried to coax people into dancing but they weren't having any of it.
They were having a good time in their laid back, northern style.

Next morning we headed to T-Bay. Along the way , a moose shot out in front of the van, and gave us quite the startle, to say the least. There was actually another in the ditch ready to cross over as well. Amazing animals.But I wouldn't want to get up-close and personal with one( like through the windshield ).

The Apollo show was fun. We spent much of the day hanging with Sheila and Tina, and cooking up a nice veggie stir-fry in the bar's kitchen. Stay tuned for pictures.

It started out that 3 bands were supposed to be on the bill, but turned out we were the only ones that played. The other two bands called the bar at 4:00 to say they were in Winnipeg and wouldn't be able to make it. Then they called back and said they could, but not until 12:30. Then we found out that they were supposed to play Toronto the next night. Crazy.

They did end up stopping by for a bit. But they had a nice 16 -18 hour drive ahead of them so they were soon on their way.

We have the day off today, so we're headed to visit our friend in Dryden, Guy. Monday night we are in Winnipeg. May not get a chance to post this 'til afterwards.

Bye for now,

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  1. Geoff here, thought I'd add a few minor gems:

    - We were doing over 120kph when the moose jumped out, it was the bottom of a hill, missed it by about 20', took about 1000km off the life of the brakes, and about 4 months off the life of my underwear.

    - I finally got the exhaust fixed on the car in Thunder Bay, even though a staff member messed up the arrangements. When I rolled in they said "we might get you in today, if not Monday" to which I replied "oh, you're coming with us to Winnipeg?" They changed their tune soon enough. Ironically the exhaust part was built by Bosal, located on Gardinder's Road in Kingston freekin Ontario...

    - Overall we're doing great, the Terrace Bay show was a real boost covering for a canceled show (thanks Victoria & Joe!), and once again we're encountering other touring acts that are ravenously jealous of our tour schedule.

    I'll also send my thanks to Sheila and Tina at the Apollo, and Guy in Dryden for putting us up and rockin the candolin!