Saturday, May 24, 2008

And we're off..

The tour kicked with a crawl yesterday afternoon. After saying my goodbyes to the wife and kids and being held up doing last-minute phone interviews,we slowly made our way across a construction-plagued city of Kingston. As we were filling the van up by the 401, I realized the only footwear I brought was a pair of green crocs. Not exactly appropriate for the stage. So we turned around, went all the way back across town, picked up my boots , said goodbyes once again,and we were off.

To encounter the construction-plagued, highways and byways of ontario.

We ended up rolling into Sudbury at around 10:00 P.M.

Crowd was sparse, but seemed to dig what we were doing. Had a nice visit from Pete Aube ( our Kingston jam friend ). He got up and wailed out a few on his harp.

Had a crazy dancer guy putting on a show in front of us. He ended up doing a lap dance for a girl who was celebrating her birthday.

Luke, the sound guy had some crazy microphone for vocals, that I used. It was from the 60's or 70's by the look of it ( not my area of expertise). It sounded pretty good but it was giving me tiny little shocks, intermittently throughout the night, so I have to say it had an effect on my performance. Kind of makes you a little stand-offish...

Right now we are driving from Sudbury to Terrace Bay.Long, long, drive. But after today the drives get a little more reasonable.

That's all for now.


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