Wednesday, June 22, 2022

New Live Album/Summer Shows/ 21st Century Lo-Fi Vinyl Update

Live at the Old Church Theatre 

More exclusive music for Savage Song Supporters! Bonz brought microphones to our show at the Old Church Theatre in Trenton a couple weeks back and the recording turned quite nice indeed! This was the first show Tony and Benji performed together and there are some great musical moments. Bandcamp subscribers can stream or download now!

Summer Shows! Summer Shows!

Looking forward to getting out and playing this summer. It's the first "back to normal" summer since the pandemic started, and it feels good to have a full schedule for the first time since 2019! Keeping it local as I'm not feeling like hitting the road, but playing with...5(?!) different band configurations will keep things creatively satisfying for sure...if you count the jams at Spearhead for industry Mondays, you could say 6,7,or 8 different configurations! šŸ˜„

Here is the schedule. Hope to see you at a show or two.

June 24th - Doug Fluhrer Park for River Love! w/ Kevin Davidson on violin (5-7 PM)
June 24th - The Toucan - Kingston - Dead Root Revival (10 PM)
June 25th - Keystorm - Brockville - Tom Savage and Kevin Davidson (8 PM)
June 27th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
July 1st - ArtFest - Kingston - solo show (12 PM)
July 1st -  Bay of Quinte Yacht Club - Belleville - Savage Family Band (7:30 PM)
July 2nd - Private Party - Westport - Dead Root Revival
July 3rd - 1000 Islands Regatta - Brockville - Dead Root Revival 
July 4th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
July 7th - RCHA - Kingston - solo show ( 7 PM)
July 9th - Hotel On Wolfe Island - solo on the patio - 1 PM
July 11th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
July 15th - Joel Stone Park - Gananoque - Dead Root Revival (8 PM)
July 16th - WestFest - Westport - Return of The Foley Mountain Playboys! (2 PM)
July 18th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
July 23rd - Island grill - Savage Family Band - (3-5 PM on the patio)
July 24th - The Mansion - Kingston - Savage Family Band (3-5 PM on the patio)
July 25th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
July 28th - RCHA - Kingston - solo show ( 7 PM)
July 29th - The Toucan - Kingston - Dead Root Revival (10 PM)
July 30th - Keystorm - Brockville - Band Format TBD (8 PM)
Aug. 1st -  Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
Aug. 5th - Lockmaster's Taphouse - Smiths Falls - Dead Root Revival (7 PM)
Aug. 6th - Private Party 
Aug. 8th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
Aug. 11th - RCHA - Kingston - solo show ( 7 PM)
Aug. 12th - Skeleton Park Brewery - Kingston - solo show (5-7 PM)
Aug. 13th - Private Party - Dead Root Revival
Aug. 15th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
Aug. 16th - Confederation Park - Kingston - Savage Family Band (12:30 PM)
Aug. 19th - Private Party
Aug. 20th - Private Party
Aug. 22nd - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
Aug. 25th - Limestone City Blues Fest - Confederation Park - Kingston - Dead Root Revival (4:30 PM)
Aug. 26th - Toucan - Dead Root Revival (10 PM)
Aug. 27th - Z.A.M.F.I.R. - hosting the jam (3-6 PM)
Aug. 27th - Toucan - Dead Root Revival (10 PM)
Aug. 29th - Industry Monday at Spearhead Brewing (3-6 PM)
Sept. 3rd - Longtooth Brewery - Stirling - solo show(2-5 PM)
Sept. 4th - The Mansion - Savage Family Band - Savage Family Band - (3-5 PM on the patio)

Still waiting on vinyl...

It seems like forever since 21st Century Lo-Fi came out in digital and CD formats, but here we are still waiting on the vinyl records. They will get here! The supply chain has messed with delivery schedules for many indie artists, along with major label artists(looking at you Adele!!) monopolizing the pressing plants. We're looking at a ballpark timeline of end of July/ early August for delivery. Thanks to everyone who preordered, and we will have a celebration one day...looking at the end of September for a vinyl release party in Kingston. 

If you haven't heard the new album yet, give it a spin on Bandcamp ( or add it to your preferred streaming service at

What people are saying about 21st Century Lo-Fi:

"With 21st Century Lo-Fi Savage continues this journey, bookending the album with the type of songs we would expect a songwriter of the folk ilk to explore during a pandemic. Just as intriguing is a trio of challenging songs serving as the nervous system of the album, songs that bring to mind various faces of David Bowie, of all people, including guitar threads that remind us of Carlos Alomar and Earl Slick, and creative bass effects that would not have been out of place on the Serious Moonlight tour.

These songs—“The One I Wouldn’t Let In,” “We’ve Outgrown Everything We’ve Known,” and “In the Evening Glow”—are absolutely fabulous, taking the listener on an appealing journey of sounds and visions. Savage’s vocal phrasing on these songs is pure genius, whether intentionally going places I’ve not previously heard from him or not.

But truly, the entire eight-song disc is bleeding amazing, and is certainly my first ‘favourite’ of 2022, closely followed by my recent purchase of Ann Vriend’s new one! The storytelling here is that of experience and emotion rather than narrative.

The press notes site the requisite Van Zandt and Springsteen comparisons, and Yeah, sure. I find Savage more individual, and comparisons—despite my previous attempts—don’t truly work. Toss in Tom Petty, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Ian Hunter while you’re at it, but I prefer to just let his songs—the lyrics, the guitar effects, the vocal harmonies (check out the lead track, “Right Where You Found Me” for the combination of the three)—pull me close and keep me riveted." - Fervor Coulee

"The eight-song collection expands his familiar Roots Rock sound into previously uncharted territory, combined with lyrics that address many issues we are currently grappling with as a society". - Wildfire Music

"I’ve had the privilege of discovering various new talents hailing from Canada in this year alone, but Tom Savage may just be the very best to emerge thus far, and with an album as adept, as diverse, as spurring and overall as remarkable as 21st Century Lo-Fi, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock." - Small Music Scene

"...a rapid-fire indictment of economic disparity overtop a pulsing beat." - Canadian Beats

Hope you enjoy a safe and happy summer season.


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