Friday, March 18, 2022

 As I write this, there are 41 hours left in the 21st Century Lo-Fi preorder sale!! If you have yet to check out the deals over on the indiegogo page, please head over there now:

Discounts on CDs, Vinyl, stickers, tshirts, and more(stickers and t shirts come with a digital album).

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and I hope those who received their CDs/digital albums are enjoying the new music. This project is really close to my heart, given that it is the first time I've written, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced all at once. Mixing being the big one! It was quite the learning curve, and it probably took me a lot longer than a more seasoned professional to achieve the sound I was looking for, but I got there! I truly love the vibe of this record.


Things are opening up and the bookings have been flying in left and right. I'm so happy to be able to get back to work and earn a living doing what I love. Coming up next week, I'll be performing solo at the RCHA on Thursday, March 24th from 7-10 PM, and then on Friday, March 25th, Dead Root Revival will be performing at the Toucan! Our first Kingston show since March 13th, 2020(which was the last rock show in Kingston before COVID shut everything down). So excited! March 25th is also the official release date of the new album, so extra cause for celebration!

[We will have an official release party when the vinyl comes in. Stay tuned.]

I'm also very excited to announce a new house gig! I'll be hosting "Industry Mondays" at Spearhead Brewing, from 3-6 PM, ever Monday afternoon. Yes, let's hear it for live music on a Monday afternoon!! Putting the word out to my musician friends: if you want to come pick a tune or two, I'd love to see you there.

Come hang out in the taproom every Monday, where we honour those in the hospitality industry. A day to toast those who live behind the bar, to those who listen to all our stories, to those who are always there for us, and to those who have had to rearrange their lives multiple times due to the pandemic.
All are included not just those who work in the hospitality industry, as we all know bartenders love drinking at their place of work after shift with their favourite regulars. There will be drink specials all day including $6.25 pints, $6 Sandbanks wine and $5 shots of Jameson and Jagermeister (prices include tax). 20% off Pisano's food orders(free delivery within 30 minutes).

More updates on spring/summer performance schedule coming soon.

Rock and Roll!

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