Monday, May 27, 2019

East Coast Tour + New Solo Album Coming Soon!

Heading down East this week! Looking forward to hanging with friends and playing music for folks in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Tell your friends!

New Solo Album on the Horizon

I've been touring pretty heavy over the past few years ( okay, well, almost a decade now) as a solo artist. I've put a lot of time and effort into my approach as a solo performer, altering my playing style to incorporate a more percussive attack, adding bass lines and lead riffs into the mix. Basically, pulling as much sound as I can out of an acoustic guitar. To document the results of this creative journey, I went into NOP studio in Kingston recently to lay down some tracks. Ended up recording 21 songs. I've combed through those selections to narrow it down to a ten song album set to be released this fall. As usual, I will be touring to Vancouver and back in September to support the release, and upon my return to Kingston, we will have an official release party at The Mansion on October 24th, supported by The Mill Rights, and Dead Root Revival. Mark that one on your calendar!

Speaking of Dead Root Revival...

The other side of my creative output this past year, Dead Root Revival has been busy playing shows, tweaking old songs, and adding new ones. We are having a lot of fun reviving the roots of music some may have thought dead. ; )

Our goal with DRR is to focus on four genres: Blues/Rock/Funk/Soul...okay, maybe five. Jazz as well. Elements of these genres appear in our songs. Sometimes all five in the same song. Makes for some fulfilling musical moments.

We also look to collaborate with other artists. Bring them into the DRR family. Recently , we shot a video with our friend Chris Rio. We first heard him sing at the Frozen Roots fundraiser for Joe's MILL in February. Coincidentally, I had written "Good Morning Love" the week before, and thought Chris would be perfect singing lead vocal on the song. Check it out!

DRR has a bunch of shows coming up this summer in Ontario. Check out our schedule at

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