Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Show your community radio station some love!

In a world in which radio is dominated by music content that is determined by a handful of people at corporate headquarters in Toronto or L.A. , it is refreshing that we still have community radio  to turn to when we want to hear something different. Something new! 

As much as I love CBC, I have to confess that Radio 2 can leave me flat, after having heard the same song at same time every day for a month. Contrary to what their advertising suggests, there is definitely playlisting  going on, and the general feeling of having a tune shoved down your throat. "You will like this! This IS REALLY GOOD!" Well, maybe it was good before you played it 50 zillion times...

Community radio cuts away the music business BS, and focuses on the music and its merits. This gives my cynical little mind hope for the future of art. 

And of course there is the community aspect. Supporting local musicians and promoting local community events is what they are all about.

This is why on Friday I will be lending my talent to help kick off CFRC Kingston's funding drive at Musiikki Cafe on Brock St. It's going to be a great night of entertainment and a fun party! Also on the bill will be Megan Hamilton ( who sang on my new record, and will sing a couple of songs with me on this night) and The Nate Crockett Band.

Lay down your 10 bucks and support your local community radio station Kingston!

8:00 PM start

Brock Zeman at The Toucan this Saturday

Saturday night I'll be playing an opening set down at The Toucan,  for my friend Brock Zeman and his band. Brock is one helluva wordsmith and he plays the bass parts with his feet! It's gonna be a killer show. Check out this video for his tune, Day Before Tomorrow.

10:00 PM start

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