Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Song A Week Challenge Complete!!

I started out 2012 with the resolution that I would write, record, and post a song online for every week of the year. A daunting task. One I wasn't sure I'd be able to complete. But I'm here to tell you I did it!! Posted the last tune at around 12:15 on Dec. 31st.

This was not easy. At the beginning, the songs flowed out of me, and I was thinking it would be a piece of cake. Then February rolled around. Things began to slow down.

This challenge taught me a lot about the process of writing, and opened me up to new approaches. I found myself looking for the song, rather than waiting for the song to find me, which is how I used to operate. I have to say though, the songs that just kinda come to you are still the best ones.

Three of the "songs of the week" ended up on the latest TST record - Overdrive Express, "49 More To Go", "Lunatic Baby", and "We're Older Now". I'll be going back through the songs in the coming months to find my top ten for my next recording project, which will be a solo record. Most likely acoustic.

I've gotta thank Ross Neilsen for getting this thing going. Without him joking around with me about it on Facebook, this project would never have gotten off the ground. Ross started off the challenge with me. He only made it to week 15, but got some solid tunes for his latest solo record, and I think maybe for his upcoming record with the band.

A worthwhile creative exercise for both of us I'd have to say.

I started off this challenge by posting religiously on Monday mornings, and using Bandcamp. But as the year went on, and my touring schedule complicated things, I switched over to mobile recording on my ipod, using the Soundcloud app.

Feel free to have a look back on my creative output for 2012. When I find my top 10, I'll be sharing them as well.

Happy New Year!!

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