Monday, April 30, 2012

Song #17 Week #17 2012 Song A Week Challenge

Last week was a Rockabilly tune, and this week I've got an A Capella song here ( or a new genre I like to call weird-ass barbershop). Just me singing all 5 vocal parts and snapping my fingers.

Don't ask me why it's called Twenty Dollars because I have no idea. It's rumbling around in my subconscious somewhere, and it will probably take me 6 months to figure it out.

Folks in the Kingston area, keep an eye out for the Saturday Whig-Standard. There will be a feature article about me and the song a week challenge.


gonna buy some beer
drink it in the rain
drink some more til it hurts
then til the hurt stops again

i'm a man made of myths
i'm a myth of a man
wobbly wino legs
working man hands

when the work day ends
my purpose lays dead in that ditch
i'm no defender of truth
truth can be a bitch

we're all walking like ghosts
at least I know who I am
i'm a cool glass of water
in the hot desert sand

rougher than most
toast of the town
you can beg you can borrow
you can't turn it around

we're heading over the falls
there's no steering this ship
no flexing of muscles
or free business tips

you'll know when it's done
sure as i'm laying here
rain on my face
gut full of beer

the good times are gone
like a bat out of hell
teenage cigarette
thrown in the wishing well

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