Monday, April 16, 2012

Song #15 Week #15 - 2012 Song A Week Challenge

I was really hoping to get this tune recorded with the Aldous Huxters last week, when we did our recording session for, what is going to be, an incredibly awesome album when it's finished. We didn't end up having the time, so I recorded an acoustic version this morning. This tune has a pop sensibility to it that I thought would fit well with Huxter sound (Wilco-esque if you will).

Anyway, hope you like it. Please share it if you do.


your cruel heart
your false start
broken stained glass windows

foolish pride
when did you decide
to just let everything go

your death ray gun
your summer fun
you could fry an egg on the sidewalk

sit on the stoop
shoot some hoops
maybe there's some friends that you could call up

And it ends as it begins
in the end no one wins
We all just stare into the black

don't know where we go
so enjoy the show
while there is still something worth seeing

then repeat

admit defeat

hunker down
get out of town
make up your mind

let it go
or never know
what there is to find

count your blessings first
before you quench your thirst
your cup may runneth over

don't decide your fate
when you're at heavens gate
for all you know it might not be there

from 2012 Song​-​A​-​Week Challenge (April), track released 16 April 2012
word and music by Tom Savage

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