Thursday, October 6, 2011

CD Baby Music Store on Facebook

Selling music on Facebook has taken, what I think will be, a giant leap forward this week, with introduction of the CD Baby Facebook Music Store. I just installed it on the Tom Savage Trio facebook page, you can check it out here. CD Baby sells more independent music than any other site in the world, and boasts an incredibly diverse catalogue of music, thanks in large part to the artist-friendly policies. The Facebook Store also doubles as a place where fans can listen to an artists music. Artists can choose whether they want to provide partial or full clips, and which songs they want to be made available. They can also choose which titles they want to sell on their Facebook page.

it will be interesting to see how music sales are using the new store. The knock against Facebook is that its users aren't interested in buying things when they use the site. Have you ever bought anything as a result of something you saw on Facebook ?

At any rate, if you are an indie musician, this will be a welcome addition to you Facebook Page.

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