Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tour report - week 2.5

It's been a crazy week out here in Alberta( and one show in Fernie BC ). We've had sun, we've had rain, we've had snow. Actually, for a second there, I thought that Jeff might not get a chance to see the mountains, with the 6 days of precipitation.

Shows are Rockin as usual. Had a great time in a couple of our favourite spots. We spent the weekend at the auditorium hotel in Nanton. Barb and Larry ( and Bandit) are always such great hosts. On the Saturday night, we had Lance Loree up playing a set with us. Good times. And we recorded it too. Geoff has this new zoom recorder thing, so we have been recording a lot of our shows.

Sunday night we made our return to the twin butte general store. Such an amazing place. And we managed to pull off an electric show in the tiny 47-cap venue. After the gig, we were driving back to our accommodations, and we almost hit a bear! Geoff had to swerve out of its way, as the bear jumped onto the road, and proceeded to run alongside the van. Crazy!

We're in Banff right now playing at the rose and crown, then the rest of the week consists of shows in edmonton, frank, Calgary, and wayne.

Check the show schedule for the details.

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