Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tour report week 1

Well, it's actually day #9, but who's counting. Shows have been going well so far, the band is Rockin , and the merch is selling. All good so far.

No major mishaps with the tour van. The weather could be better. We drove through snow to get to Fernie today, but that is our 3rd consecutive spring tour with snow in late may or early June.

This weekend we are back at one of our favourite places, the auditorium hotel in Nanton, AB.

Then next week we've got shows in Twin Butte(Sunday), Lethbridge, Banff, Edmonton, Frank, and Calgary.

Thanks to Mark and Mel in Selkirk, and Garry ( and room mates) in Calgary, for helping us out with accommodations.

Tell all tour Alberta friends to get out to a show!


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