Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

[If you're on the mailing list, you may have read this already, but I figured I'd share with folks out there in cyberspace.]

Wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Even if you're not fom Canada you can celebrate with us. A great time to reflect on the year and spend some time with friends and family. Enjoy!

Zeke Aid II

This past Monday, Kevin Davidson and myself performed at Zeke Aid II. It took place at the Mt. Tabor playhouse in Milford (incredible venue).Hosted by Sneezy Waters, the event featured a who's who of Prince Edward County talent, and raised another $3000 to help Zeke Mazurek in his fight with cancer.

Thanks to Mark Despault for organizing the event, and to all those who took part.

The Aldous Huxters

If you recall my last newsletter, I had said the new band's name was "Pot Kettle Black". Well, we had to change that. It is now "The Aldous Huxters". We have had more band names than we have had gigs (or rehearsals for that matter) but we're having lots of fun.

Next Thursday Oct. 14th, we will be performing our first "official" show at The Mansion in Kingston. We are all incredibly excited about it. The tunes are rockin', so if you're in the Kingston area, don't miss it.

Also on the bill is Brian Dunn (Sudbury songwriter from the band OX) and Kingston's own Allowable Avenue (featuring TST's Geoff Chown on the bass).

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