Sunday, October 12, 2008

East Coast tour highlights

As promised, here are the east coast tour highlights...

I think the #1 cool thing that we did, was touring the Navy ship, with Joe's buddy Gord. He took us through pretty much every nook and cranny of the vessel ( H.M.C.S. Toronto ), including the nice bar/ recreation room they had on board, complete with a vending machine that dispensed beer for a buck a can! Needless to say, we ended up spending a good share of our time on board in there. They also had crazy cheap prices on liquor. Geoff took a bunch of photos that will be posted on the Facebook page sometime soon.

Aside from the cheap beer, it was just pretty interesting to get an insight into how the Navy operated on a day-to-day basis. Definitely, a tough grind for those guys.

So, that was the most touristy-type thing we did. As for music, we played some decent venues. I think our best show was at Gus' Pub in Halifax. It wasn't looking that way at the beginning of the night. There were only about 5 people for our opening act's set. But about 2 or 3 songs into our set the place filled up with people. And they were totally diggin' what we were doing. Good times!

Another fun show was at baba's Lounge in Charlottetown. The crowd was a little light but enthusiastic. And our opener, Dan Currie and What Happened Tomorrow, rocked pretty hard. Most of all, the place just had a good vibe to it, which I find of P.E.I. in general.

We weren't sure if we were going to make the gig at all though. We were stuck on the other side of the confederation bridge for a couple of hours due to wind restrictions. They were getting 100 km per hour gusts so they wouldn't allow any vehicle with a trailer. We were tempted to lock up the trailer at a gas station, drive across, and then find gear to borrow on the island, but fortunately the bridge opened up for us so we didn't have to resort to such measures.

Look for a photo of Geoff doing his 'karate kid' stance with the confederation bridge in the background.

Generally, as with most every place we travel, the people down east are really nice and welcoming. It always makes for a good experience when you deal with friendly,genuine people.


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