Monday, October 2, 2023

One Year of Tunesdays plus the DRR Rock n' Roll Experience

 I feel I've been shouting this from the rooftops for years: Live music = Community. Music is an integral component of our collective mental health as a society. It brings people together. Whether in a participatory fashion through community choirs and orchestras, open mics and jams, in passive engagement with intensive listening, or in a casual setting where music is the backdrop used as an opportunity for socialization.

The beauty of the TUNESDAY open mic at the RCHA is that it brings all of these components together with the added bonus of accessibility due to the early hour of the event (4-7 PM). It is a joy to see the dance floor full at 5 PM on a Tuesday afternoon(with some of the dancers in their mid-eighties! There's no age limit on having fun!).

This Tuesday marks one year since we started the mighty TUNESDAY jam. Thanks to all of you who have made it an overwhelming success.
Come celebrate with us. Rumour has it that there will be cake!
And pizza too of course. ; )

Dead Root Revival Concerts

I often feel a bit embarrassed, seemingly tooting my own horn about DRR, but really I'm not. I'm simply repeating what fans new-and-old tell me at the end of every concert we play. I wish I could bottle their enthusiasm. I wish I could convey the overwhelmingly positive(oftentimes profound and emotional) experience to those who have never taken in one of our shows...

...but barring the act of me shoving a phone in their face to record these testimonials...

I'm not gonna do that.

What I will do is continue to tirelessly promote this band! I'm fast-approaching my 50th birthday...I've spent 30 years (and recorded 11 albums..??) as a musician/songwriter. To be creating and performing some of the best music of my career, with this scarily super-tight band of musicians, with collectively over 100 years of stage experience...well, it's a sincere honour and privilege.

Yet, it's still at times like pulling teeth to convince people to buy tickets for our shows. As my friend Seamus Cowan said to me recently, in regards to concert promotion, "It's a heart attack game!" So true!

DRR put on our own shows or work with small independent promoters. We are attempting to operate outside of the traditional music industry structure. No agents, no managers, no record labels, no Live Nation, no Ticketmaster. This is grass roots rock and roll. For my money, that's where the true spirit of rock and roll lies.

Why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?

Prince Edward County and Kingston, here is your opportunity.

Join the Revival!

The unofficial Pumpkinfest kickoff concert!
Tickets available:
Wellington Legion - $15
Eventbrite - $15 + fees
$20 at the door
or contact organizer at:

Dead Root Revival return to rock Blu Martini in Kingston for our fall concert, this time with special guest Josh Piché(Toronto)!

Yours in music,

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