Monday, March 20, 2023

Georgia Recording Session Exceeds Expectations!

Back from our trip down to Athens, Georgia, and I have to say, the sessions with David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction exceeded all of our expectations. We had a short window to lay down tracks for the album, and we took full advantage, recording more songs than we had anticipated, and really capturing the Dead Root Revival sound.

16-track 2 inch tape. The parameters put in place by this technology might be seen as a hindrance in today's digital world of limitless tracks and limitless possibilities, but when dealing with a band known for live performance like DRR, there really was no other way to go. Limitations can be a good thing! They can allow you to get right to the heart of the matter.

Dead Root Revival. When deciding upon this band name, we wanted to convey our mandate as a band:

Dead = Lamenting things we feel are being lost: An appreciation for the rock show, that is being swallowed up by karaoke machines, home theatre systems and big screen televisions, and corporate-run streaming behemoths all across this land.

Root = Where we came from: Our influences, our rock and roll heroes, and our search for the magic tone that speaks to us.

Revival = Bringing the jams back to the people: The older generations who may have seen Jimi Hendrix in concert, and also to the younger kids who find themselves listening to the classic rock hits from 40 and 50 years ago because the music of today doesn't speak to them. DRR is here for you.😎🤘🎸

It only made sense for us to record the way artists like Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, and Deep Purple did in the 1970s. There's definitely a change in perspective when "fix it later" is taken out of the equation. You've got to perform! And that, my friends, is exhilarating.

Tracking for the album is complete, but it will be a couple of months until mixing and mastering is finished. Stay tuned!


I'll be putting on my singer-songwriter hat for a bunch of shows in April. Coming up first, I'll be performing alongside umberlune and Brock Zeman at ABC Hall (3166 Bolingbroke Rd, Maberly ON K0H 2B0) on Saturday, April 1st. Three songwriters with distinct styles performing in-the-round in a welcoming country hall setting.
Grab your tickets online at Eventbrite 👉 or send an etransfer for $20 to to reserve your spot. You'd be a "fool" to miss it! 😉😄

Doors at 6 PM/ Show at 7 PM

There will also be coffee, tea, and PIE available!

Fresh-baked pie and live music. How can you say no?!

Brock and I will be out performing some shows later in April as well...

April 20th - Jethro's - Peterborough 7 PM - Get tickets
April 21st - Bracebridge Hall - Bracebridge 8 PM - Get tickets
April 22nd - House Concert - Guelph ( Contact Larock Productions for details)
April 23rd - Havelock - matinee show as part of Stone Hall Sessions (2 PM) - Get tickets


Thanks so much to Jon McLurg for filling as host for the Tunesday jam while I was away. By all accounts it went swimmingly and our bass player streak is still in tact. Awesome! 😁👍🏻 I look forward to getting back to this fun-filled Tuesday routine at the RCHA(4-7 PM, live music, drink specials, and pizza!).

See you out there!


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