Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Support Local this Christmas and Give the Gift of Music!

I hope everyone is doing okay, as we are headed into round five of this long bout with COVID. Today is the first day of a long winter ahead.

Musicians have barely had a chance to recover, and now it looks like we will be facing more restrictions that will prevent us from doing our jobs( restrictions are in place in Kingston, already, and in the province of Quebec).

I encourage music fans to think local this Christmas season, and purchase music or merchandise from artists working (or not able to work)and living in your community.

Bandcamp is a wonderful tool for this, as you are able to send music as a gift. Consider sending digital albums this year instead of Christmas cards!

Seeing as I live in Kingston, here are some artists from my community that you should check out:

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in this town!

Thanks to My Supporters!

I’ve been very fortunate over the course of this pandemic to have the support of many fans, who have either subscribed to my Bandcamp, or purchased merchandise, to help keep me going. Truly thankful for this! 😌🙏

For my Bandcamp subscribers ( Savage Song Supporters) I’ve done my best to provide interesting and entertaining content  in 2021, and now there are currently 19 titles available to subscribers on the site!

For $5/ month you can stream/download these albums and receive any new albums I post in the future…and there will be more, trust me. 😄

Here’s what has been added to my Bandcamp page in 2021:

Tom Savage Trio - The County Line -I just added this 2008 release. Dirt Road Rock N' Roll! Featuring familiar songs like "The County Line", "The One", and "No-Win Situation".

Dead Root Revival - Live Before Lockdown - Recorded live at The Mansion on March 13th, 2020. The last rock show in Kingston before COVID hit.(subscriber exclusive)

Dead root Revival - Live at the Toucan featuring Chris Rio - A fun night with Chris on vocals recorded at the Toucan in 2019. (subscriber exclusive).

Tom Savage Trio - Overdrive Express Deluxe - The 2012 TST album with 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks, including a barn burning rendition of Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting Around to Die". Also familiar numbers like "Train Keeps A Rollin", "Amarillo", and our famous slide blues version of Dylan's "Down in the Flood". 

Live From the Jam Zone - Session #4 - Savage Family Band - Me, Benji, and Bonz laying down some serious groove here. Live from the basement! (subscriber exclusive)

Live From the Jam Zone - Session #3 - Tom Savage and Mike Corrigan - Me on acoustic guitar and Mike on cajon. Acoustic Blues and Folk vibe. (subscriber exclusive)

Living Room Session - A reissue of my 2011 lo-fi acoustic folk EP. 

Live @ The Acoustic Grill - This 2009 release was on Bandcamp already, but I added it as part of the subscription package. Among the songs on this album are "Northern Ontario Highway" and "You'll Come Around To Me".

Lots of music out there to appreciate and support. Please spread the love around this Christmas season!

Stay Safe,

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