Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Savage Family Band Live Radio Concert plus More!


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well.  I've been doing my best to keep busy and creative. Work is still difficult to come by, though I've managed to play a few shows here and there. Playing music with my daughter Bella has been a real joy, and with the addition of Bonz Bowering on drums, we have stumbled upon a pretty tight jazz funk unit, with some really solid originals( check out this clip of our song "Test 93"). I've always enjoyed listening to jazz and funk instrumentals, so writing and performing music in this form is a welcome new addition to the creative arsenal.  Coming up on Sunday, November 1st, Savage Family Band will be performing a live concert from 12-1 PM on CFRC to kick off their 2020 funding drive and  the Shortwave Theatre Festival. Tune in on 101.9 in Kingston or listen around the world at  

Tune in Thursday at 1 PM for a pre-show show on CFRC  where I share music from new release Beyond the Great Beyond(an exclusive album for Bandcamp VIP members), plus my COVID-related, UBI-pushing single " Something Real". I'll also be chatting with host Dinah Jansen about what life is like as a pro musician under COVID, the development of The Savage Family Band, and my thoughts on how to support local music and fight the devaluation of music in the streaming age.


Bella and I will be performing as a duo at The Cove in Westport on Friday, November 6th from 5-8 PM. Be sure to reserve a table for this socially-distanced show in this very spacious venue. : )



Making music happen is uniquely challenging during COVID times, and among the hardest hit are theatres and other performance venues. The Empire Theatre in Belleville has started Music City Mondays as a way to deliver virtual performances to the community, while at the same time supporting local original artists(plus raise sorely needed funds for the theatre itself!!). I had the opportunity to perform for a Music City Monday session recently as part of the Tony Silvestri band, and i have to say, the production quality is outstanding. We're looking at an Ontario version of Austin City Limits! See and hear for yourself right here

Stay tuned for an appearance by Dead Root Revival on Music City Mondays with Tony on the Hammond organ!!

Live Stream Concerts

Starting in November, I'll be picking up the live streaming again as we get into the cooler months. It will be a mix of solo shows, Savage Family Band shows, and maybe some shows with special guests. I'll be experimenting with ticketed, more formally scheduled shows, and impromptu free "pop-up" concerts. Bandcamp VIP subscribers will have free access to all of these concerts.

First up is a solo show on Friday November 20th.

Get access to the show here -

Supporting your Local Music Scene

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post, about the streaming age and the devaluation of music, "How to Support Musicians When Spotify Won't",  CFRC were "picking up what I was putting down" and they asked me to record a couple of PSAs  on the subject to help raise awareness, and hopefully motivate listeners to go that extra mile to support their local music scene. Devaluation of music has been a problem for years, but COVID has magnified the problem 1000%, and artists need support now more than ever.

So far, these spots have been picked up by radio stations in BC and Newfoundland. Spreading the good word across the country!

Take a listen here.

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