Monday, December 21, 2015

Take Solace in The Solstice

Christmas. The Holiday season. The New Year. The Winter Solstice.  

This time of year is, for me, is a time for reflection, and for giving thanks. For family, for friends, and for another year on this Earth. Entering into my twenty-fourth year as a professional musician, I am thankful for the gifts of creativity, imagination, and of course, the music.

Musicians never really grow up. And I don't mean in the way that might first pop into your mind ( No real job. No Money. Staying out late every night. Endless snickers at flatulence and "That's what she said" jokes). I mean the ability to hang on to our imaginations. To never let go of that young teenaged kid jamming out punk rock songs in his bedroom. Or the poet who takes notice of the everyday, turns it on its head, and creates art. We have the uncanny ability to return to these places time and time again. For anyone who has ever recorded music, you will know that when you listen back to that recording, you can find yourself transported back to the time and place when the recording took place.

A metaphor for the creative person's mind.

I think for all of us, the holiday seasons brings us back to our youth, and affords us the opportunity to check in with ourselves. To see how far we have strayed from our younger selves.  I sometimes feel that life is slowly chipping away at my resolve and my connection to the innocence of the past. Probably a fight for everyone at one point or another.  Fortunately my profession forces me to find that spark every time I step on the stage or hit record. Imagination. Creativity. Music. Connection.

Find Joy wherever you can. Life's too short to not give a damn.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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    1. Thanks! Just seeing this now. Haha. Check out this video from a house concert I did last year. This tune has yet to be recorded. Actually, this may be the first recorded evidence of this song.