Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pre-purchase your copy of the new album by JULY 21st

For those of you who have not yet pre-purchased your copy of my new solo album, you now have a deadline to do so. July 21st. This isn't an arbitrary date by any means. We have already started recording and July 21st is when we need the cash to pay for things like pressing CDs, artwork, etc.

When you pre-purchase your copy of the new solo album, you will also receive the new Foley Mountain Playboys digital album. Two very different albums, but both great collections of songs (if I do say so myself).

I want to thank everyone who has gotten on board so far. I literally couldn't make this record without you. This is a 100% independent operation here, so it feels great to have your support, and it motivates me to carry on with creating art. Thank YOU!

Support status for the new album is currently at 82%. Sellaband funds are in Euros. So 2470 Euros is equal to 3754 Canadian dollars. That means we need about $805 to wrap this campaign up. Let's get this done!

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