Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thanks Kevin for being such a great host!

As Kevin Davidson and I prepare to host our first open mic tonight at The Stonewater Gastro Pub & Cafe since the change in format in January, I think it is important to publicly acknowledge Kevin's years of service as host ( because I don't think it has yet been done), and his part in building the Thursday night open mic into an important community event as well as the pub's most consistently profitable evening.

It's his warm personality, generosity, and encouragement that has convinced many a musician to share their talents on that small stage. So thanks Kevin for helping to create such a welcoming environment and making the Gananoque arts community richer.

I encourage the fine people of Gananoque and Kingston who have been to the Stonewater open mic over the years to come out tonight and say thanks to Kevin for being such an awesome host over the past decade!

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