Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nothing Fills The Soul Like A Sad Song

A few years back, I set up one microphone in the living room to track some demos. Listening back to them, I thought, 'Man, this is all these songs need. I want people to hear them just like this.' So, after tweaking the sound a little bit, I released them for free download on Bandcamp.

Living Room Session is a bit of a forgotten album for me because it was never a physical release, and perhaps also because it is available for free, I have never made a cent off of it. But listening to it today for the first time in almost two years, I find it illustrates an important aspect of who I am as an artist. The singer/songwriter. Alone at the microphone. Very sombre pieces which tend to be the closest to this broken-down heart. Nothing fills the soul like a sad song.

The Less You Seem To Know - A song about a young man feeling lost and without direction, feeling squeezed out on the margins of society.

Par For The Course - I wrote this one for my late Grandma Jean Pownall. I was thankful that I got to play it for her before she died.

A God I Can Call My Own - My Agnostic Gospel Song.

Bleed That Pig - A song that sends the not-so-subtle message, ' Quit F***ing with the planet Earth!'.

Lonesome Highway - Someone gave me trouble once for saying I didn't know what this song is about. They said, " You shouldn't say that on stage. It's unprofessional (insert whiny voice here)". I still don't know what it's about, but I know what it feels like - sadness, heartache, and a hint of tragedy...with a smattering of hope sprinkled in to balance it out.

Never Been Seen - My attempt at explaining Life. Also, Saddest song in the world contest winner - Dryden 2008



  1. Your voice has similarity to Springsteen on The Less You Seem To Know.

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